The Education Secretary, MHRD, Govt. of India is the Controlling Authority of the Board.

1.      The Controlling Authority shall have the right to address the Board with reference to any work conducted or done by the Board and to communicate to the Board his views on any matter with which the Board is concerned.

2.      The Board shall report to the Controlling Authority such action, if any, as it is proposed to take or has been taken upon his communication.

3.      If the Board does not, within a reasonable time, take action, to the satisfaction of the Controlling Authority, the Controlling Authority may, after considering any explanation furnished or representation made by the Board, issue such directions, consistent with this Resolution, as he may think fit, and the Board shall comply with such directions.

4.      In any emergency which in the opinion of the Controlling Authority requires that immediate action should be taken, the Controlling Authority may take such action, consistent with this Resolution, as he deems necessary without previous consultation with the Board and shall forthwith inform the Board.

5.      The Controlling Authority shall have the powers to suspend the Board, if in his opinion the Board persistently makes defaults in the performance of duties imposed on it under this Resolution.  In the event of suspension, all the members of the Board and its Committees, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman shall vacate their offices and the Controlling Authority shall appoint an Administrator who shall exercise all the powers of the Board during the period of suspension.