Manual of Rules and Regulations
Chapter 1. Definition
Chapter 2. Section I-Meeting of the board
Section II-Rules for the Election
Chapter 3. Officers of the Borad
Chapter 4. Section I- Committees of the Board
Section II- Bye-Laws relating to the procedure to be observed at the meetings of the Board and its Committees
Section III- Bye-Laws for purposes of asking interpellations by the members of the Board
Chapter 5. Financial Powers of the Chairman and the Secretery
Chapter 6. Rules for Affiliation
Chapter 7. Section I- General rules for Examination
Section I- Scale of fee etc.
Section III- Rates for Renumeration for Examination Work
Section IV- Supplementary/ Compartmental Examinations
Private Candidates
Rules for improvement of Division
Chapter 8. Traveling and Halting Allowances
Chapter 9. Section I- Conditions of service,leave etc. of the servants of the Board
Section II- Provident Fund and Gratuity
Section III- Rules realting to Life Assurance of the staff of the Board
Section IV- House Building Advances
Section V- Advances for the purchase of conveyances
Section VI-Rules for Transfer
Section VII- Festive Advance
Section VIII- Reimbursement of Tuition Fees and grant of Children Education Allowances
Chapter 10. Rules for Award of Scholorships, Medals and Prizes
Chapter 11 & 12. Chapter 11-Minimum Qualification for Head and Teachers
Chapter 12- Rules for appointment of Papersetters, Moderators and Examiners
Chapter 13. Section I- Rules regarding Admission and Migration of Students
Section II- Rules for correction in Date of Birth
Section III- Rules for change in Name/ Surname
Section Iv- Rules for making payment by the Board in cases where claimants expire
Section V- Rules for appointment of amanuensis at the Board's Examinations
APPENDIX I. APPENDIX I- Form of Scholar;s Register
APPENDIX II. APPENDIX II- Procedure in respect of the approval of the syllabus of the middle classes