Financial Manual
Chapter 1. Preliminary
Chapter 2. Custody of money relating to or standing in the Board Account
Chapter 3. Receipt of Board Revenues and their credit to Board's Account
Chapter 4. Withdrawals from the Board Account
Chapter 5. Advances to Board's Employees - General
Chapter 6. Festival advance
a) Format of application form for grant of Festival Advance
b) List of Important Festivals
Chapter 7. Advances in connection with Tours
Chapter 8. Advances in connection with leave travel concession
Chapter 9. Advances in-connection with Transfers & Retirement
Chapter 10. Advances in lieu of Leave Salary
Chapter 11. Advances in connection with Natural Calamities
a) Format of application for grant of flood advance
Chapter 12. Advances to the families of Board Employees who die while in Service
Chapter 13. Advances incidental to the conduct 0' Examinations
Chapter 14. Interest Bearing Advances-General Conditions for the grant of
Chapter 15. Motor Car Advance
Chapter 16. Motor Cycle/Scooter Advance
a) Format of application form for grant of Motor Car/Motor Cycle Advance
Chapter 17. Bicycle Advance
a) Format of application form for grant of Bicycle Advance
Chapter 18. Table Fan Advance
a) Format of application form for grant of advance for purchase of Table Fan
Chapter 19. House Building Advance
Chapter 20. Leave Encashment Rules
a) Format of application form for Leave Encashment
Chapter 21. Traveling Allowance Rules
Chapter 22. Over-time Allowance
Chapter 23. Home Town/Leave Travel Concession/Excursion
Educational Trips/Mini Trips
Chapter 24. Children Education Allowance and Reimbursement of Tuition Fee
Chapter 25. Retirement Benefit Rules
Chapter 26. General Provident Fund Rules
Chapter 27. Contingent Charges
Chapter 28. Medical Attendance Rules
a) Proforma for Medical Reimbursement
Chapter 29. Purchase Procedure
SHEDULE First Schedule - Fees structure and other incidental charges connected with the conduct of Board Exam.
Annexure 1. Delegation of Financial Powers pf Board Officers
Annexure 2. Format of Cash Book
Annexure 3. Format of the Register of cheques issued
Annexure 4. Format of Bank reconciliation Statement
Annexure 5. Format of Register of valuables Traveling
Annexure 6. Allowance Bill Form
Annexure 7. Bill for Honorarium-cum-conveyance for delivery of Question Papers
Annexure 8. Bill for Honorarium-cum-conveyance for observer
Annexure 9. Bill for Honorarium-cum-conveyance for Inspection of Schools
Annexure 10. Bill for claiming late Sitting Allowance in lieu of overtime allowances Bill
Annexure 11. Bill for claiming conveyance charges.
Annexure 12. Bill for claiming reimbursement of newspaper charges.
Annexure 13. Bill for Center Charges.
Annexure 14. Bill for Claiming remuneration charges by the Superintendent of Examinations
Annexure 15. Bill for Claiming remuneration charges by the Dy. Superintendent qf Examinations.
Annexure 16. Bill for Claiming remuneration charges by the Astt. Superintendent of Examinations
Annexure 17. Bill for Claiming remuneration charges by the Clerical and class IV staff of Examination Centre.
Annexure 18. Bill for Contingency Charges at the Examination Centre
Annexure 19. Bill for Claiming Charges for Practical Examinations.
Annexure 20. Bill for Claiming remuneration for Examiners for the theory and the practical Examination
Annexure 21. Bill for claiming remuneration by Head Examiners/Examiners/Coordinators at Nodal Centres.