Compilation and Uploading of Assessment Data For Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Areas/Activities at Secondary School Examination Under

Note: Descriptive indicators for each activity for entire year can be up to 240 characters.



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Important Note:
1. The Schools which have Uploaded Class IX Term II data into the CBSE Server must follow steps given in Section 6.0, Section 7.0 and Section 8.0 in the e-manual for compilation and uploading of assessment data for Class X - Term I and Class X - Term II. The software should not be installed again.

2. Final list for Class X (Term I and Term II) be printed only after uploading both Class X Term I and Class X Term II assessment data into the CBSE Server. This final list for Class X (both Term I and Term II) only, must be signed by the Principal and sent to the concerned Regional Officer.

However, Schools may ‘Preview’ the final list in the CBSE Server for Class X - Term I assessment data after uploading Class X - Term I assessment data.