1. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is intended to provide a holistic profile of the learner through assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of instructional time in schools.

  2. It helps to identify those positive attributes of the learner which
    are not usually assessed during the examinations conducted by the Board

  3. As it is spread over a period of two years in class IX and X it provides
    several opportunities for  the  school to identify the latent talents of
    the learners in different contexts.

  4. This document is supportive to the statement of marks issued by the
    Board after the examinations conducted by it.

  5. This document is issued by the school under the directions of the board. ( Please see the Revised (2002) Format )

          THE GRADING   

The several attitudes/traits/competencies/skills of learners are identified by the school on a five point scale. Each grade of the scale refers to the following level of performance.

                GRADE                   LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE              

                    B                                       Very Good           
                    C                                       Good               
                    E                                      Below Average