Instructions for Submission of Applications for Seeking Affiliation with the Board

  1. Each school has to apply for grant of provisional affiliation on the prescribed Application Form in original for approval of Middle Class Syllabus/Provisional Affiliation/Upgradation to Secondary and  Sr.Secondary classes.
  2. The prescribed Application Forms alongwith Affiliation-Bye Laws can be obtained either from  the Publication Store of the CBSE at ‘Shiksha Kendra’, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092 or any Regional Office of the Board located outside Delhi.
  3. The cost of Application Form is Rs. 100/-.  If it is required to be obtained through post Rs. 40/- extra are to be sent through crossed Bank Draft drawn in favour of Secretary, CBSE.
  4. The prescribed Application Forms are required to be submitted by 30th June of the year, preceding the year, in which Class VII/IX/XI, as the case may be is proposed to be started.
  5. Before applying for affiliation, the school should ensure that it fulfills the essential requirements of affiliation as are given in the Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board. No application will be considered if the essential conditions are not fulfilled by the school.
  6. The major essential conditions are as follows :
    1. The schools seeking affiliation with the Board must have formal prior recognition of the State/UT govt.  The application either should be forwarded by the State Govt. or there should be a NOC to the effect that State Govt. has no objection to the affiliation of the school with the Board.
    2. Condition of submitting NOC  will not be applicable to schools run by Govt. or Govt. aided schools autonomous organizations under the govt. like KVS and NVS, School run by Govt. Departments like Defence, Railways etc. or schools directly managed by public sector, undertakings under the financial control of such public sector undertakings or by societies formed by such undertakings.
    3. The school must possess about two acres of land and a building constructed on a part of the land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land.  In case of lease, it will be accepted if it is for at least 30 years and in favour of Society/School by registered deed.
    4. In metropolitan cities with  a population exceeding 25 lacs the land should not be less than one acre with adequate building and arrangement with other institution/organization for imparting physical and health education and conducting games to the satisfaction of the Board.
    5. In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre.  The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the hilly areas.
    6. The land area for the schools seeking affiliation in NCT, Delhi should not be less than the following:
1. Sr. Sec. School Classes from pre –primary to Class-XII All the 4streams 4000sq.mts
2. Sr. Sec. School primary to Class-XIIClasses from pre Maximum two streams 3000sq.mts.
3. Sec. School Classes from pre-   2000sq.mts.
  1. The Society /Trust running the school should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, and its character should be non -propriety.

  2. The school should have well qualified staff as per the norms of the Board given in the Affiliation Bye-Laws.

  3. The school must pay salaries and admissible allowances to the staff not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State Government schools or as per scales etc., prescribed by the Govt. of India.

  4. Classes VIII and above should not be started without written permission by the Board.  The Board will not be responsible for any consequences if these classes are started without prior affiliation etc. granted by the CBSE.

  5. The school must have sufficient financial resources to guarantee its continued existence.  It should have permanent source of income to meet with the running expenses of the school so as to maintain it on a reasonable standard of efficiency.

  6. The accounts of the school are required to be audited and certified by a  Registered Chartered Accountant and proper account statements are required to be prepared at the time of submission of application, and school is required to enclose Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for the last 2 years.

  7. The school affiliated with the Board is required to prepare candidates exclusively for the examinations conducted by the CBSE.

  8. The requisite fees prescribed for submission of Application Forms is as follows :

    1. Affiliation fee in respect of Independent schools

      Approval of middle class syllabus

      Independent schools within the country        Rs. 10,000/-

      Overseas Independent schools                    Rs. 25,000/-

      Fresh Provisional Affiliation for
      Secondary Classes (Class X)

      Independent Schools within the country        Rs. 10,000/-
      Overseas Independent schools                     Rs. 25,000/-

      Upgradation to plus two stage

      Independent schools within the country         Rs. 10,000/-
      Overseas Independent schools                     Rs. 25,000/-

    2. Affiliation Bye-Laws fee in respect of Govt./Aided/KVS/JNV schools

      Approval of Middle class                          
                      Rs. 7,000/-
      Fresh Provisional Affiliation of
      Secondary Classes      Rs. 7,000/-
      Upgradation of plus two stage                                   Rs. 7,000/-

    3. Overseas KVS Schools

      Approval of Middle Class                              Rs. 17,500/-
      Fresh Provisional Affiliation of Sec.Classes    Rs. 17,500/-
      Upgradation of plus two stage                       Rs. 17,500/-

  1. The prescribed affiliation fee is required to be remitted along with the Application Form.  The bank draft is required to be drawn in favour of the Secretary, CBSE, payable at Delhi.